Upgrading Your Vacation Rental

Whether the motivation is a difficult economy or the desire for a greater degree of personal freedom and privacy, many vacationers are choosing private home rentals and community vacation rentals when they select accommodation for their big trip. A vacation rental offers all the amenities and comforts of home because it is a home. Cottages, condos, apartments and even multi-bedroom homes are all available for vacation rental, all with the same appealing benefits such as having a full kitchen, laundry facilities, large living and dining spaces and, in general, the ability to move about freely and comfortably and with privacy. Depending on the location of the vacation rental, the home may have direct access to the beach or nearby waterways or may have a carefully landscaped yard or garden. Unlike a private home, a vacation rental can stand up to comparison with an actual hotel or resort in its amenities, including high-quality bedding and linens and conveniences such as single-serve coffeemakers and access to Wi-Fi.

Many vacation rentals are located in resort-quality communities. These types of rentals are very appealing to many vacationers as they offer the atmosphere of living in an apartment or housing community, including organized vacation community events. Guests have the chance to socialize with fellow travelers when desired and can return to the quiet and seclusion of their own rental whenever they like.

Tips for updating a vacation rental interior

Keeping the interior of a vacation rental fresh and trendy may seem like an expensive undertaking, but there are many ways to update the rooms with small touches and techniques that can increase the appeal of the rental, making it more easily rentable and memorable for those who stay there.

A basic way to begin is with a little change in room color or texture. Brightening up a room with a fresh coat of paint in a warm neutral shade, then adding an accent wall or trim in a bold tint can bring an average room into the realm of high-end décor very quickly. The addition of an elegant mirror adds class to a living or dining area, and a couple of attractive prints or paintings can give a room a feel of personal style and lived-in charm. Neutral photographs of nature, animals and locales are also a great addition and can be easily found and framed for little or no cost.

Wicker Paradise Furniture

Updating with wicker furniture

If a coat of paint or some fine art is not enough of an update for the rental, a change in furniture may be in order. Vacation rentals are often located in sunny or beach locales, so wicker furniture would be a great addition.

Wicker furniture is composed of a framework around which branches or vines of other materials are woven. One of the most common materials used to make wicker furniture is rattan, a palm vine grown in Southeast Asia. Rattan is strong, flexible and will not rot; it can be separated and woven or simply bent into the shape need for the furniture piece. It is often paired with bamboo, another hard wood. Rattan may be left natural, painted, stained or varnished, though white is the most popular choice.

Wicker furniture is most familiarly used in outdoor patio furniture; a chair or two, a sofa, a set of tables and even a bar are excellent choices for an outdoor area that encourages socializing and even the occasional party. Wicker furniture is also a great choice for indoor spaces. A living room set may dress up a family room, and a wicker dinette, topped with a glass top, can open up the space of a small dining area. Even the bedroom can benefit from the addition of wicker furniture – everything from king size beds down to end tables, dressers and vanity tables.

Advantages of wicker furniture

There are many advantages to using wicker furniture to update a vacation rental interior. First of all, wicker furniture is very strong and durable, ensuring years of heavy usage. It is very lightweight, so repositioning furniture at any time is easy for even a non-athlete to do. Wicker is also inexpensive in comparison to antique furniture or more contemporary pieces.

Wicker Paradise furniture is relatively easy to clean and care for and, with regular maintenance, pieces will last for years. A damp cloth is sufficient to clean the wood, with a thorough vacuuming every few months. More thorough cleaning may be accomplished with a mild soapy water and a soft brush, then the pieces can stand in the sun until dry. Natural wicker should be oiled occasionally with linseed oil.

Upgrading a vacation rental can make the unit more appealing and enjoyable for the vacationers staying there. A few small changes and the addition of comfortable and practical pieces, such as wicker furniture, is a great way to accomplish this.

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How To Pick Fabrics For Your Furniture

So you have just found a fantastic new wicker furniture set and you are in love with it. You just need a little hand selecting a fabric that works with the furniture style and blends with your decor. Thankfully, there are literally hundreds of different fabrics you can choose from to make your new wicker furniture all you want it to be. Wicker Paradise have developed a list of 3 quick tips to help you choose the right fabrics to help you make your furniture absolutely fabulous.

1. Get a color wheel. Color wheels are the perfect tool to help you match your fabric with your style. Instead of guessing what color will go best with the rest of your design style, bring your color wheel and match it accordingly. Also, don’t forget to match the color of your wicker before you start your search for fabric. This will give you a better idea of what to look for when you are looking for fabric.

Wicker Paradise Fabrics

2. Incorporate your personality and interests. In other words, if you are hoping to create a tropical atmosphere then use a pattern that has bamboo or is reminiscent of the beach in some way. Remember to stick with your theme and try contrasting patterns that look great against the color backdrop of your wicker. The most important thing is to play off your own personal tastes and style.

3. Consider climate. Before you make any decision on fabric first consider whether your furniture will be placed indoors or outdoors. For obvious reasons this is highly important and directly effects the life of your furniture and fabric. Fortunately, there are hundreds of different all-weather fabric options for you to pick from so don’t let this dramatically influence your final decision. In the end wicker is amazing for its ability to be placed both indoors and outdoors and for its unique style selections. Fabric is the icing on the cake when it comes to wicker, and if you incorporate these tips in your search for the perfect fabric you will surely find what you are looking for!

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The Evolution Of Wicker Furniture Design

Entering a new year often puts us into a mode to evaluate our lives. We look to improve our health, our looks, and eliminate bad habits. Wicker Paradise thought it would be a great idea to go back to the roots of wicker furniture design and explore the home decor styles from the beginning. You can decorate your home with any type of furniture after all, so let’s explore why we especially love woven wicker and rattan.

The very beginning allows us to track woven furnishings to ancient Egypt. Pharaohs including Tutankhamen were buried with wicker. It was a way to celebrate their lives with beautifully handcrafted treasures that they would take with them for eternity.


Ancient Egyptian Wicker (3000-1200 B.C.)

This style of wicker still warms the hearts of many with its charm. Nineteenth century’s Victorian era in England allowed wicker to be an important and popular element for furniture use. Victorians believed that the raw wicker form was far more sanitary for furniture, as it tended to collect much less dust than upholstered options. A modern day tip for easily removing dust and debris off of wicker furniture is to simply use the attachments on your vacuum to suck them right up.

Victorian Era Wicker (1837-1901)

United States wicker styles made its debut when Cyrus Wakefield began constructing his brand of wicker in the 1850s. Wakefield’s company later merged with the Heywood Chair Manufacturing Company to form Heywood Wakefield. This business deal was big news, later becoming known as one of the oldest and most well known wicker manufacturers. Think of what your Grandmother owned to give you an idea of the classics that Heywood Wakefield produced.

Heywood-Wakefield Wicker (1850)

Furnishings made of wicker began to fall in the public eye by the early 1900’s. This all changed when Marshal B. Lloyd began producing wicker furniture from synthetic materials in more simplistic patterns. This greatly reduced the costs of production and lowered prices of this new style of loom wicker. Loom wicker was extremely popular in furnishings such as baby carriages, rockers and nightstands. You can find loom outdoor wicker furniture which has been updated and popular today for the porches and sun rooms.

Loom Wicker (1900)

Casual style caught on with Florida location based TV shows such as “Miami Vice” and “The Golden Girls.”

Topical Rattan from Golden Girls Era (1980-1990)

Rattan classics like fan arm chairs used on the set of The Golden Girls spiked the demand for a new type of home decor option. This sparked an era of tropical rattan styles. Furniture decorated with exotic prints to make you feel like you were on a vacation.

Contemporary Wicker (Present)

Present day wicker furniture is available in both contemporary styles and traditional styles. Patio wicker chairs and outdoor sofas are reinforced with frames made out of aluminum for durability advantages. The synthetic wicker finish is coated with a UV and weather-resistant material that keeps your furniture in pristine condition. With modern technologies at it’s best, make sure to take advantage of great quality fabrics such as Sun umbrella to enjoy your wicker paradise even in the most brutal climates. The age of contemporary, closed weave designs made for using all year round have become the new standard of what people like most about wicker furniture today!

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Wicker Furniture History

Wicker furniture may come in many forms, but it has been a piece of living and bed rooms for centuries of human history. The ancient Egyptians crafter chairs and tables out of it, while the Romans used it for sofas and baskets. It was an important part of Victorian era furnishings, and lasted into the early 1900s where it cemented its own vintage style. Wicker is useful anywhere in the house, looking attractive inside the sitting room and outside on the patio. Traditional wicker is known for its strength, durability, beauty, and comfort. The wicker fibers are typically made from cane cores, rattan stalks, willow switches, reed, sea grass, banana leaf, or bamboo. Today, alternative materials are sometimes woven into the materials to help increase strength. It requires maintenance to uphold its beauty and durability. Synthetic wicker furniture design is often paper wrapped in high tensile wire, vinyl or resin to reinforce and weatherize the materials. Synthetic materials can stand up to hard rain and snowfall. Some recent versions even include aluminum in the frame to support more weight.

It has been in use since the days of Ancient Egypt at which time it was made of reed and swamp grass. Middle class families loved the material because they could only afford a few quality pieces, and wicker tables last forever. Wealthier people, such as the pharaohs, would keep even more keepsakes like chests, wig boxes, baskets, tables, and chairs. Even shields of Egyptian soldiers were found to have contained the material. Egypt passed wicker to Rome where baskets were used and furniture was made. That use grew into Europe as the Roman conquests spread, and the material quickly became common in England, Spain, and Portugal. Rattan began to see use in the modernizing world as international sea traders came back from Southeast Asia, where the weed grows prevalently. Rattan was a stronger material, and its popularity grew in the 1800’s as word spread that the material was more sanitary than upholstered furniture. It was also less expensive and heavily resistant to the elements. It was up to Victorian furniture makers to shape it into something attractive, and that became main stream during the mid 1800s.

red wicker furniture by wicker paradise

Cyrus Wakefield popularized the use of rattan when he began selling it off of ships docked at Boston’s many ports. The ships would use the material as light weight packaging, capable of keeping crates together. He sold the rattan, among other scavenged items, from the ports to make money as a “jobber” or small merchant. He rose to prominence as one of America’s first rattan furniture makers during the 1860s, after he had married the daughter of a wealthy shipping magnate. Through the connections that his in-laws brought in their shipping business, Wakefield was able to import rattan from China. His company became an industry leader, later merging with the Heywood Chair Manufacturing Company and created Heywood Wakefield of Gardner, Massachusetts. The company came to be known worldwide and is still one of the leading manufacturers of rattan furniture.

Rattan is made from Calamus, which is a type of palm that climbs. The entire plant is used to make rattan, beginning with the cane. Cane is the material created when rattan’s outer skin is removed and cut into thin strips. Cane is used for weaving seats or wrapping joints, and it’s known for a glossy finish. Kubu is rattan cane which is packed in wet clay and allowed to season, and it is exceptionally strong. Bamboo resembles rattan and is often mistaken for it, while willow or twig is used mostly for baskets. Banana Leaf is used for furniture. It is dried, twisted, and braided into rope which is woven over a frame.

The history of outdoor wicker furniture or origins of this technological advancement dates back fairly recently. Wicker and rattan continue to be a top choices used in porches, patios, bedrooms and sun-rooms.

Wicker Paradise history informs these designs, which is part of the vintage charm that wicker an rattan hold. Designs of woven wicker furniture are still offered in traditional patterns, but wicker is sold in contemporary styles too. The long history of wicker furniture shows us that wicker will always be in our hearts and favored among designers, a staple of patio furniture preference and interior design must haves!

Source: http://www.wickerparadise.com/wicker-furniture-history.html

Wicker Furniture Frequently Asked Questions

This section features answers to many questions often asked by our customers about our wicker & rattan furniture. If there are any other questions or special requests you may have, you can call us at 1-800-894-2537 and we will be glad to assist you.

Question #1: What is the difference between wicker and rattan?

Answer: Wicker is a catch-all term for any woven product. A piece of wicker furniture can be made of rattan, seagrass, peel, or it can be even made of plastic or resin wicker. Rattan is a vine that grows primarily in the jungles of Southeast Asia. The vines can grow up to 500 feet long, and they are pound for pound stronger than steel. When left in its 1.5″-2.5″ Diameter, the pole of the rattan is used to form the frame of rattan furniture. The pole of the rattan can also be cut into smaller strands and woven into wicker furniture.

Question #2: Which is stronger: Wicker or Rattan Furniture?

Answer: The quality of the furniture frame is more important than whether or not it is made of wicker or rattan. We look for furniture where the frame is solid and does not sway.

Question #3: Can I use wicker outside?

Answer: Since the 1800’s, wicker furniture has adorned the front porches of America’s finest homes. Wicker Furniture can be used in any covered area. If you wish to have extra protection from the elements or to use the furniture in an uncovered area, you should choose synthetic wicker or resin wicker furniture.

Question #4: I would like to put a wicker set in my screened-in porch; however it can get very cold/hot. Will the temperature have any effect on the wicker?

Answer: Wicker furniture is not adversely affected by either cold or hot temperature. In our more than twenty years in business, we have warehoused wicker furniture in areas without climate control, and have observed no negative effects on the furniture.

Wicker Paradise Outdoor Sofa

Question #5: Do I have to put the furniture together?

Answer: All furniture is fully assembled and put together unless otherwise noted. All you need to do is take the furniture out of the boxes and enjoy it!

Question #6: I would like to purchase your furniture, however my house/sunroom is being built/not ready yet. Can you hold my furniture until I am ready to receive it?

Answer: Yes, we can take your order and arrange for your furniture to arrive at your home when you are ready for it.

Question #7: How long have you been selling wicker & rattan furniture?

Answer: We have been selling the finest quality of wicker and rattan furniture for over 30 years. Wicker Paradise is a third-generation family-owned-and-operated store located in the suburbs of Westchester, New York. If you have any other questions, you can call Wicker Paradise at 1-800-894-2537 and we will be happy to assist you.

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Wicker Decorating Done Right!

Wicker has for a long time been thought of as only being fit for use in conservatories and on patios, but it is now making something of a comeback and is being seen as a great material for use as furniture throughout the home.

What is wicker?

Wicker is a combination of natural plant materials, such as vines and willow, freshly cut and woven together. When they dry out, the shape they have created becomes intrinsically strong, easily capable of supporting something as heavy as a television. Wicker is an extremely durable, lightweight and strong material, perfect for use around the home.

The benefits of wicker

Wicker furniture can last for years, and does not need major maintenance, as a regular dusting will keep it looking its best. It is also far less expensive than other types of furniture. Its distinctive weaving pattern adds texture to an interior, while its natural look helps to add warmth.

Wicker for the inside

Wicker Paradise can be used in the home in a variety of different ways. In terms of furniture, for example, a dining room could have wicker chairs arranged around a dark wood or oak dining table. A living room could have a glass-topped coffee table set into a wicker frame or an armchair made entirely out of wicker accessorized with a fabric cushion.

Smaller wicker items could include a magazine rack, a picture or mirror frame, a lamp table or a lampshade.

The modern home is one that does not adopt an overly stylized approach to interior design, yet rather brings together complementary styles to create a unique look. Therefore, a wicker armchair or lounger does not look out of place alongside a leather sofa, but instead adds another layer of texture to the room, helping to add warmth and interest.

The wholly natural properties of wicker help to bring in other natural materials, such as wood. For example, rather than having fabric curtains or blinds as window dressings, there are a wide range of window shutters available that serve a far more practical purpose, being used to regulate daylight and affording greater privacy, and they have a natural look. A wicker chair would also be more in keeping with a wooden floor than a carpeted one.

top benefits of decorating with wicker paradise

Wicker for the outside

Of course, wicker is still the material of choice for outdoor rooms. Its excellent properties make it capable of enduring rough wind and weather, although being outside it will need more regular and thorough cleaning.

Because it is outside and is sitting in a natural environment, wicker can be used more liberally. For example, it would not look over the top to have a patio dining set made entirely from wicker, table included. Just break up the color with some contrasting cushions.

A wicker lounger is an excellent choice for relaxing in the garden, not only as it is very comfortable, but as it can be left out – indeed, its inflexible nature makes it impossible to fold and store away – blending in beautifully with the greenery and plants.

Source: http://www.wickerparadise.com/benefits-of-wicker.html

Fun Facts About Wicker Furniture

Wicker products have been an established design element in furniture long before the material became trendy. The material used in wicker furniture varies a bit, but is based on natural fibers such as rattan that is woven into a sturdy support structure. The unique composition allows for not only pleasing designs, but a semi-rigid structure. The materials are eco-friendly and renewable, making them an ideal choice for conscientious buyers.

A Historical Recording of Wicker

The first indications of wicker furniture being used appear in the records of the ancient Egyptians. The materials were light and available, and with the flexible nature of the wood, allowed for a great variety in styles. Murals found on tomb wall show pharaohs perched on wicker thrones, surrounded by court members seated in their own stylized settings. Another record appears on the remaining wall painting of Pompeii, where wicker was quite prevalent in both home and business models. Images depict citizens of the ancient city lounging around sumptuous meals, enjoying the comfort of their settees and sturdiness of their tables.


Wicker Paradise historical wicker

Flash Forward to Wicker Furniture in America

With the coming of the 20th century, Americans were utilizing wicker furniture as a mainstay of outdoor patio ensembles. The material held up against the elements just as well as cat iron, and was cheaper to acquire. Also, the flexibility of the material continued to dazzle with an endless selection of designs. American furniture companies were able to quickly adjust their designs based on common trends as well as advancements on manufacturing techniques. Wood products being used in furniture production were increasingly being improved for strength, flexibility, and resistance to the elements. In doing so, the industry helped to move wicker designs indoors during the 1940s and 50s.

Wicker Furniture in Modern Television!

A fun fact and trend includes the use of wicker furniture in your favorite television shows. HBO is the perfect example when their television shows use both modern and traditional styles of wicker in scenes. Above we have Kenny Powers enjoying his new pool and a couple sitting on an outdoor wicker sofa set in sage green. Eastbound and Down showcases modern wicker furnishings in many outdoor scenes and interior decor environments. HBO’s True Detective displays plenty of wicker chairs and porch furniture used in 1990’s Louisiana decor. We enjoyed the special touch of adding authentic details from all aspects of these peoples lives. The wicker basket was a very important part of the religious service for donations to the church, people would give even if they had very little according to Rust Cohle.

The Sopranos certainly should not be a surprise in the wicker showcase category. Fans of the show will recall many conversations with Tony Soprano joking about an alternate lifestyle where he would be a retailer of patio furniture instead of a mob boss. Taking place in New Jersey, this state certainly enjoys the use of woven wicker in their lives.

Keep your eyes open as there are many opportunities where wicker will appear in your favorite television shows. We can go on and on of other popular shows such as Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire that have a love for wicker furniture. That’s the fun about watching and being rewarded with a unique decor environment, pay attention and comment below with your favorite scenes of Wicker Paradise.

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