The Evolution Of Wicker Furniture Design

Entering a new year often puts us into a mode to evaluate our lives. We look to improve our health, our looks, and eliminate bad habits. Wicker Paradise thought it would be a great idea to go back to the roots of wicker furniture design and explore the home decor styles from the beginning. You can decorate your home with any type of furniture after all, so let’s explore why we especially love woven wicker and rattan.

The very beginning allows us to track woven furnishings to ancient Egypt. Pharaohs including Tutankhamen were buried with wicker. It was a way to celebrate their lives with beautifully handcrafted treasures that they would take with them for eternity.


Ancient Egyptian Wicker (3000-1200 B.C.)

This style of wicker still warms the hearts of many with its charm. Nineteenth century’s Victorian era in England allowed wicker to be an important and popular element for furniture use. Victorians believed that the raw wicker form was far more sanitary for furniture, as it tended to collect much less dust than upholstered options. A modern day tip for easily removing dust and debris off of wicker furniture is to simply use the attachments on your vacuum to suck them right up.

Victorian Era Wicker (1837-1901)

United States wicker styles made its debut when Cyrus Wakefield began constructing his brand of wicker in the 1850s. Wakefield’s company later merged with the Heywood Chair Manufacturing Company to form Heywood Wakefield. This business deal was big news, later becoming known as one of the oldest and most well known wicker manufacturers. Think of what your Grandmother owned to give you an idea of the classics that Heywood Wakefield produced.

Heywood-Wakefield Wicker (1850)

Furnishings made of wicker began to fall in the public eye by the early 1900’s. This all changed when Marshal B. Lloyd began producing wicker furniture from synthetic materials in more simplistic patterns. This greatly reduced the costs of production and lowered prices of this new style of loom wicker. Loom wicker was extremely popular in furnishings such as baby carriages, rockers and nightstands. You can find loom outdoor wicker furniture which has been updated and popular today for the porches and sun rooms.

Loom Wicker (1900)

Casual style caught on with Florida location based TV shows such as “Miami Vice” and “The Golden Girls.”

Topical Rattan from Golden Girls Era (1980-1990)

Rattan classics like fan arm chairs used on the set of The Golden Girls spiked the demand for a new type of home decor option. This sparked an era of tropical rattan styles. Furniture decorated with exotic prints to make you feel like you were on a vacation.

Contemporary Wicker (Present)

Present day wicker furniture is available in both contemporary styles and traditional styles. Patio wicker chairs and outdoor sofas are reinforced with frames made out of aluminum for durability advantages. The synthetic wicker finish is coated with a UV and weather-resistant material that keeps your furniture in pristine condition. With modern technologies at it’s best, make sure to take advantage of great quality fabrics such as Sun umbrella to enjoy your wicker paradise even in the most brutal climates. The age of contemporary, closed weave designs made for using all year round have become the new standard of what people like most about wicker furniture today!



Wicker Decorating Done Right!

Wicker has for a long time been thought of as only being fit for use in conservatories and on patios, but it is now making something of a comeback and is being seen as a great material for use as furniture throughout the home.

What is wicker?

Wicker is a combination of natural plant materials, such as vines and willow, freshly cut and woven together. When they dry out, the shape they have created becomes intrinsically strong, easily capable of supporting something as heavy as a television. Wicker is an extremely durable, lightweight and strong material, perfect for use around the home.

The benefits of wicker

Wicker furniture can last for years, and does not need major maintenance, as a regular dusting will keep it looking its best. It is also far less expensive than other types of furniture. Its distinctive weaving pattern adds texture to an interior, while its natural look helps to add warmth.

Wicker for the inside

Wicker Paradise can be used in the home in a variety of different ways. In terms of furniture, for example, a dining room could have wicker chairs arranged around a dark wood or oak dining table. A living room could have a glass-topped coffee table set into a wicker frame or an armchair made entirely out of wicker accessorized with a fabric cushion.

Smaller wicker items could include a magazine rack, a picture or mirror frame, a lamp table or a lampshade.

The modern home is one that does not adopt an overly stylized approach to interior design, yet rather brings together complementary styles to create a unique look. Therefore, a wicker armchair or lounger does not look out of place alongside a leather sofa, but instead adds another layer of texture to the room, helping to add warmth and interest.

The wholly natural properties of wicker help to bring in other natural materials, such as wood. For example, rather than having fabric curtains or blinds as window dressings, there are a wide range of window shutters available that serve a far more practical purpose, being used to regulate daylight and affording greater privacy, and they have a natural look. A wicker chair would also be more in keeping with a wooden floor than a carpeted one.

top benefits of decorating with wicker paradise

Wicker for the outside

Of course, wicker is still the material of choice for outdoor rooms. Its excellent properties make it capable of enduring rough wind and weather, although being outside it will need more regular and thorough cleaning.

Because it is outside and is sitting in a natural environment, wicker can be used more liberally. For example, it would not look over the top to have a patio dining set made entirely from wicker, table included. Just break up the color with some contrasting cushions.

A wicker lounger is an excellent choice for relaxing in the garden, not only as it is very comfortable, but as it can be left out – indeed, its inflexible nature makes it impossible to fold and store away – blending in beautifully with the greenery and plants.


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Tips for Buying Furniture Online Safely

outdoor-wicker-bed-light-beige-7Internet is the technology gin who helps us to find anything on the web all over the world. No matter what you want in a single click you can get from a needle to King Size bed for your house. Really technology has made our life easier. You can order anything through internet. World has become a small market for us. If we talk about buying goods especially expensive one ones online then it is important for you to inspect what are you buying. Be it a clothes, toys, jewelry and home furniture. But when you are buying home furniture online, it become bit difficult to have a check if it is of right size, color and not damaged. You cannot always check these things so you have to take an extra mile in ensuring what are you buying is really worth of.

There some tips shared by Wicker Paradise a leading online furniture sellers, which need to be consider before buying the furniture online.The first tip which you need to remember when buying online is to be clear about the specifications. It is very easy to get along with the vast options on the website. You will get thousands of furniture of different designs will appear on your screen. Browse all the options and shortlisted the ones which you like the most and which fit with your requirement. Take your time to narrow down the research and best fit for your home.Second thing which you keep in your mind about the dimensions of the place for which you want to buy the furniture. As you can’t inspect the pieces of furniture online. Check for the dimensions given on furniture website. A good website always specify dimensions of the furniture. It is good to customer care and be sure of the sizes.

Third tip to find the reputed company as there are fraud and fakes involved in many websites. Check the reliability of the website. Maybe you want to purchase many products but buy one product at a time and get assured for the quality.

martinique-seagrass-chairFourth Tip which is more important as a buyer to know about the authenticity and products are genuine or not. Find out if the company is offering guarantee. When you are buying products online then guarantee is really important. If you find any defects in the piece of furniture when the items are delivered at your doorstep. Guarantee will help you to return the product back. Check for the return shipping charges should be paid by the company.Fifth tip is to know about the shipping charges will be beard by you or company. As some companies give free delivery after you purchase over the stipulated amount. Also check if website has trustworthy payment partner for the transaction?

Sixth is to read the reviews shared by the existing buyers. Those reviews will help to judge the quality and customer service given by the website.

Consider above listed tips before buying furniture online and get the best you want for your home. Wicker Paradise offers wide range of furniture for every corner of your home.