Upgrading Your Vacation Rental

Whether the motivation is a difficult economy or the desire for a greater degree of personal freedom and privacy, many vacationers are choosing private home rentals and community vacation rentals when they select accommodation for their big trip. A vacation rental offers all the amenities and comforts of home because it is a home. Cottages, condos, apartments and even multi-bedroom homes are all available for vacation rental, all with the same appealing benefits such as having a full kitchen, laundry facilities, large living and dining spaces and, in general, the ability to move about freely and comfortably and with privacy. Depending on the location of the vacation rental, the home may have direct access to the beach or nearby waterways or may have a carefully landscaped yard or garden. Unlike a private home, a vacation rental can stand up to comparison with an actual hotel or resort in its amenities, including high-quality bedding and linens and conveniences such as single-serve coffeemakers and access to Wi-Fi.

Many vacation rentals are located in resort-quality communities. These types of rentals are very appealing to many vacationers as they offer the atmosphere of living in an apartment or housing community, including organized vacation community events. Guests have the chance to socialize with fellow travelers when desired and can return to the quiet and seclusion of their own rental whenever they like.

Tips for updating a vacation rental interior

Keeping the interior of a vacation rental fresh and trendy may seem like an expensive undertaking, but there are many ways to update the rooms with small touches and techniques that can increase the appeal of the rental, making it more easily rentable and memorable for those who stay there.

A basic way to begin is with a little change in room color or texture. Brightening up a room with a fresh coat of paint in a warm neutral shade, then adding an accent wall or trim in a bold tint can bring an average room into the realm of high-end décor very quickly. The addition of an elegant mirror adds class to a living or dining area, and a couple of attractive prints or paintings can give a room a feel of personal style and lived-in charm. Neutral photographs of nature, animals and locales are also a great addition and can be easily found and framed for little or no cost.

Wicker Paradise Furniture

Updating with wicker furniture

If a coat of paint or some fine art is not enough of an update for the rental, a change in furniture may be in order. Vacation rentals are often located in sunny or beach locales, so wicker furniture would be a great addition.

Wicker furniture is composed of a framework around which branches or vines of other materials are woven. One of the most common materials used to make wicker furniture is rattan, a palm vine grown in Southeast Asia. Rattan is strong, flexible and will not rot; it can be separated and woven or simply bent into the shape need for the furniture piece. It is often paired with bamboo, another hard wood. Rattan may be left natural, painted, stained or varnished, though white is the most popular choice.

Wicker furniture is most familiarly used in outdoor patio furniture; a chair or two, a sofa, a set of tables and even a bar are excellent choices for an outdoor area that encourages socializing and even the occasional party. Wicker furniture is also a great choice for indoor spaces. A living room set may dress up a family room, and a wicker dinette, topped with a glass top, can open up the space of a small dining area. Even the bedroom can benefit from the addition of wicker furniture – everything from king size beds down to end tables, dressers and vanity tables.

Advantages of wicker furniture

There are many advantages to using wicker furniture to update a vacation rental interior. First of all, wicker furniture is very strong and durable, ensuring years of heavy usage. It is very lightweight, so repositioning furniture at any time is easy for even a non-athlete to do. Wicker is also inexpensive in comparison to antique furniture or more contemporary pieces.

Wicker Paradise furniture is relatively easy to clean and care for and, with regular maintenance, pieces will last for years. A damp cloth is sufficient to clean the wood, with a thorough vacuuming every few months. More thorough cleaning may be accomplished with a mild soapy water and a soft brush, then the pieces can stand in the sun until dry. Natural wicker should be oiled occasionally with linseed oil.

Upgrading a vacation rental can make the unit more appealing and enjoyable for the vacationers staying there. A few small changes and the addition of comfortable and practical pieces, such as wicker furniture, is a great way to accomplish this.

Source: http://www.wickerparadise.com/vacation-rental-decor.html


Tips for Buying Furniture Online Safely

outdoor-wicker-bed-light-beige-7Internet is the technology gin who helps us to find anything on the web all over the world. No matter what you want in a single click you can get from a needle to King Size bed for your house. Really technology has made our life easier. You can order anything through internet. World has become a small market for us. If we talk about buying goods especially expensive one ones online then it is important for you to inspect what are you buying. Be it a clothes, toys, jewelry and home furniture. But when you are buying home furniture online, it become bit difficult to have a check if it is of right size, color and not damaged. You cannot always check these things so you have to take an extra mile in ensuring what are you buying is really worth of.

There some tips shared by Wicker Paradise a leading online furniture sellers, which need to be consider before buying the furniture online.The first tip which you need to remember when buying online is to be clear about the specifications. It is very easy to get along with the vast options on the website. You will get thousands of furniture of different designs will appear on your screen. Browse all the options and shortlisted the ones which you like the most and which fit with your requirement. Take your time to narrow down the research and best fit for your home.Second thing which you keep in your mind about the dimensions of the place for which you want to buy the furniture. As you can’t inspect the pieces of furniture online. Check for the dimensions given on furniture website. A good website always specify dimensions of the furniture. It is good to customer care and be sure of the sizes.

Third tip to find the reputed company as there are fraud and fakes involved in many websites. Check the reliability of the website. Maybe you want to purchase many products but buy one product at a time and get assured for the quality.

martinique-seagrass-chairFourth Tip which is more important as a buyer to know about the authenticity and products are genuine or not. Find out if the company is offering guarantee. When you are buying products online then guarantee is really important. If you find any defects in the piece of furniture when the items are delivered at your doorstep. Guarantee will help you to return the product back. Check for the return shipping charges should be paid by the company.Fifth tip is to know about the shipping charges will be beard by you or company. As some companies give free delivery after you purchase over the stipulated amount. Also check if website has trustworthy payment partner for the transaction?

Sixth is to read the reviews shared by the existing buyers. Those reviews will help to judge the quality and customer service given by the website.

Consider above listed tips before buying furniture online and get the best you want for your home. Wicker Paradise offers wide range of furniture for every corner of your home.