Wicker Furniture History

Wicker furniture may come in many forms, but it has been a piece of living and bed rooms for centuries of human history. The ancient Egyptians crafter chairs and tables out of it, while the Romans used it for sofas and baskets. It was an important part of Victorian era furnishings, and lasted into the early 1900s where it cemented its own vintage style. Wicker is useful anywhere in the house, looking attractive inside the sitting room and outside on the patio. Traditional wicker is known for its strength, durability, beauty, and comfort. The wicker fibers are typically made from cane cores, rattan stalks, willow switches, reed, sea grass, banana leaf, or bamboo. Today, alternative materials are sometimes woven into the materials to help increase strength. It requires maintenance to uphold its beauty and durability. Synthetic wicker furniture design is often paper wrapped in high tensile wire, vinyl or resin to reinforce and weatherize the materials. Synthetic materials can stand up to hard rain and snowfall. Some recent versions even include aluminum in the frame to support more weight.

It has been in use since the days of Ancient Egypt at which time it was made of reed and swamp grass. Middle class families loved the material because they could only afford a few quality pieces, and wicker tables last forever. Wealthier people, such as the pharaohs, would keep even more keepsakes like chests, wig boxes, baskets, tables, and chairs. Even shields of Egyptian soldiers were found to have contained the material. Egypt passed wicker to Rome where baskets were used and furniture was made. That use grew into Europe as the Roman conquests spread, and the material quickly became common in England, Spain, and Portugal. Rattan began to see use in the modernizing world as international sea traders came back from Southeast Asia, where the weed grows prevalently. Rattan was a stronger material, and its popularity grew in the 1800’s as word spread that the material was more sanitary than upholstered furniture. It was also less expensive and heavily resistant to the elements. It was up to Victorian furniture makers to shape it into something attractive, and that became main stream during the mid 1800s.

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Cyrus Wakefield popularized the use of rattan when he began selling it off of ships docked at Boston’s many ports. The ships would use the material as light weight packaging, capable of keeping crates together. He sold the rattan, among other scavenged items, from the ports to make money as a “jobber” or small merchant. He rose to prominence as one of America’s first rattan furniture makers during the 1860s, after he had married the daughter of a wealthy shipping magnate. Through the connections that his in-laws brought in their shipping business, Wakefield was able to import rattan from China. His company became an industry leader, later merging with the Heywood Chair Manufacturing Company and created Heywood Wakefield of Gardner, Massachusetts. The company came to be known worldwide and is still one of the leading manufacturers of rattan furniture.

Rattan is made from Calamus, which is a type of palm that climbs. The entire plant is used to make rattan, beginning with the cane. Cane is the material created when rattan’s outer skin is removed and cut into thin strips. Cane is used for weaving seats or wrapping joints, and it’s known for a glossy finish. Kubu is rattan cane which is packed in wet clay and allowed to season, and it is exceptionally strong. Bamboo resembles rattan and is often mistaken for it, while willow or twig is used mostly for baskets. Banana Leaf is used for furniture. It is dried, twisted, and braided into rope which is woven over a frame.

The history of outdoor wicker furniture or origins of this technological advancement dates back fairly recently. Wicker and rattan continue to be a top choices used in porches, patios, bedrooms and sun-rooms.

Wicker Paradise history informs these designs, which is part of the vintage charm that wicker an rattan hold. Designs of woven wicker furniture are still offered in traditional patterns, but wicker is sold in contemporary styles too. The long history of wicker furniture shows us that wicker will always be in our hearts and favored among designers, a staple of patio furniture preference and interior design must haves!

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Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron furniture gives you both in a unique combination of elegance and ruggedness. Today wrought iron is used in appealing patio furniture that stands the test of time. Wicker Paradise has shared a guide to wrought iron patio furniture.

Wicker Paradise

Wicker Paradise is your source for luxurious wicker patio furniture at affordable prices. We offer a wide array of wicker furniture styles including sea-grass furniture patio wicker sets designed for outdoor entertaining, and extremely durable rattan choices.

Tips for Buying Furniture Online Safely

outdoor-wicker-bed-light-beige-7Internet is the technology gin who helps us to find anything on the web all over the world. No matter what you want in a single click you can get from a needle to King Size bed for your house. Really technology has made our life easier. You can order anything through internet. World has become a small market for us. If we talk about buying goods especially expensive one ones online then it is important for you to inspect what are you buying. Be it a clothes, toys, jewelry and home furniture. But when you are buying home furniture online, it become bit difficult to have a check if it is of right size, color and not damaged. You cannot always check these things so you have to take an extra mile in ensuring what are you buying is really worth of.

There some tips shared by Wicker Paradise a leading online furniture sellers, which need to be consider before buying the furniture online.The first tip which you need to remember when buying online is to be clear about the specifications. It is very easy to get along with the vast options on the website. You will get thousands of furniture of different designs will appear on your screen. Browse all the options and shortlisted the ones which you like the most and which fit with your requirement. Take your time to narrow down the research and best fit for your home.Second thing which you keep in your mind about the dimensions of the place for which you want to buy the furniture. As you can’t inspect the pieces of furniture online. Check for the dimensions given on furniture website. A good website always specify dimensions of the furniture. It is good to customer care and be sure of the sizes.

Third tip to find the reputed company as there are fraud and fakes involved in many websites. Check the reliability of the website. Maybe you want to purchase many products but buy one product at a time and get assured for the quality.

martinique-seagrass-chairFourth Tip which is more important as a buyer to know about the authenticity and products are genuine or not. Find out if the company is offering guarantee. When you are buying products online then guarantee is really important. If you find any defects in the piece of furniture when the items are delivered at your doorstep. Guarantee will help you to return the product back. Check for the return shipping charges should be paid by the company.Fifth tip is to know about the shipping charges will be beard by you or company. As some companies give free delivery after you purchase over the stipulated amount. Also check if website has trustworthy payment partner for the transaction?

Sixth is to read the reviews shared by the existing buyers. Those reviews will help to judge the quality and customer service given by the website.

Consider above listed tips before buying furniture online and get the best you want for your home. Wicker Paradise offers wide range of furniture for every corner of your home.

Things to keep in your mind While Buying Patio Furniture

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Patio is the outside place of our house which does not complete without a place to sit. Buying patio furniture is a daunting task and even a high willed person chills while deciding the patio furniture. You can find patio furniture on departmental store, home furnishing shops and online retailers. Many outdoor furniture items are available to decorate your patio and make it a place to relax. Buying expensive patio for your garden without considering the following points can end up to mistake.

Decide the place for your Patio

 Before even thinking of buying patio furniture, think about how you are going to use your garden and patio furniture in the garden. Visualize yourself using the patio furniture. This will give you the clear idea of available space in the garden for keeping patio furniture. Do not pack your garden with lots of patio furniture or do not leave lot of empty space.

Visualize how & who will utilize the patio furniture

You need the clarity what best work for you and your garden. After visualizing where you want to place your patio furniture, start imagine how you spent your evening in the garden on the patio with your family and friends. Once you keep in your mind how you are using your patio, note down everything you are using and its location.

Once you are done with how you will use your patio, start thinking about who will use patio apart from you in the family. If you have elder adults or children then do not think about high chairs. Consider the weight too as some chairs have weight limit.

Decide the amount of Maintenance you will put into the open air furniture.

Cushions may should be washed once in a while, while plastic and wood can be wiped down.

Keep the Weather Condition in Mind

Depending upon your weather condition, choose the patio wisely. Choose Plastic patio for your garden if you are residing in rainy areas, for sunny areas UV resistant material would be needed so that patio does not fade quickly. Stay away from plastic material that gets hot easily. Use wood furniture instead. Use an umbrella to provide shade to protect from rain.

Now when you have master plan to buy patio furniture for your garden, next is from where to buy the durable yet elegant furniture. Wicker Paradise has wide variety of every furniture of your need. Patio furniture of Wicker Paradise are both contemporary and classic and gives visual pleasure.  You will find furniture to suit every taste and budget at wicker Paradise. To shop perfect patio for your garden click on http://www.wickerparadise.com.